Eugene’s Ghost

January 23, 2008 at 12:36 am (album, band, dreams, life, music, musicians, quit, songs, write)

it’s a sad day in Ronnieville today. i think Eugene’s Ghost is done. i know it never actually was anything, but i guess the dream of Eugene’s Ghost is gone. if you don’t know, Eugene’s Ghost is the name of the band i’ve been wanting to start for a couple of years now. i write a lot of songs and play with a bunch of musicians. for some reason, i’ve never figured out how to put the two together. the part that sucks is that i have a passion to play my music more than i ever have in my life. but, now that i’m old everyone has better things to do than start a band. you wouldn’t think someone who is surrounded by musicians would have so much trouble finding people that wanted to play with him. i wonder if God is saying something? i don’t really know what to do………


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Real / Fake

December 15, 2007 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

in my little world there are a lot of fake people.  okay, maybe they’re not all fake, but for some reason, they feel they have to be sometimes.  everyone tells you what you want to hear.  the other night, i was at a christmas party.  my pastor went around the room telling everyone how good they were and how much he loves us.  when he was talking, i couldn’t help but realize………..he meant every word.  i really feel like he wants the best for me, and he cares about me.  that’s kinda rare.  i love that……………….just be real…………..even if it hurts my feelings sometimes.   

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It’s lovely weather…..

December 6, 2007 at 12:48 am (christmas)

…………for a sleigh ride together with you.i love christmasi don’t care if they make me go to 100 christmas parties.  i don’t care if i’m busy every night.  no matter what, christmas is the best……….just ask matt 

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November 27, 2007 at 11:20 pm (change, christmas, christmas shopping, december, people, shopping, world)

they say change will do you good.  how come whenever it comes, it sucks.  some really cool people in my world are moving on, and i don’t think i’m ready for it.   on a good note.  it’s not even december yet and we are almost done with our christmas shopping.  i love christmas…………. 

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2007 at 12:40 pm (blessed, church, escape, family, friends, God, grace, honor, in-laws, laughter, life, mercy, music, perfect, reality, relationships, sanity, succeed, thankful, thanks, thanksgiving, time, wife)

I am so thankful for my life.  i am so blessed.  i am thankful for mercy.  i am thankful for grace.  i don’t deserve anything i have been blessed with.   i thank God for my wife and our relationship.  He couldn’t have given me someone more perfect for me.  she definitely completes me.  i am thankful for my family.  i know God has a plan for us and i trust He has everything under control.  i am thankful for my in-laws.  they welcomed me as one of their own even before jennifer did.  i am thankful for my church family.  i spend more time with them than anyone else.  i don’t know where i’d be without them pulling for me to succeed.  i am thankful for my friends.  you guys choose me.  i consider that an honor.  i am thankful for laughter, it keeps me sane.  i am thankful for music, my escape from reality.  thank you for life God.  i truly am blessed.   

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November 20, 2007 at 7:16 pm (custodial, gym floor, leader, leadership, maintenance, society, story, strip, stripped, stripping, wax)

so there once was this maintenance/custodial staff that stripped and waxed a gym floor.  the head custodian was in charge of the project.  about 20 minutes into this grueling ordeal, one of the maintenance guys pretty much took over.  he started making decisions and telling people what to do.  sometime toward the end of the project the maintenance director showed up.  within 10 minutes he had taken control and started giving orders. wasn’t that a lovely story?  the moral of the story is……….. isn’t it funny how society works?  if someone’s not handling the job correctly (or as good as you think they should), a new leader just emerges.  the troupes gather around him and march on.  it’s really hard to work under someone who doesn’t have a plan of attack.  your leader should be thinking at least two steps ahead of the rest of the group.  if not, someone will come along who will.  p.s……………….. i am sore all over from stripping that floor!!!!!! 

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check out my new……

November 19, 2007 at 8:08 am (album, music, myspace, songs)

i have some new songs up on myspacecheck em out and let me know what you think. i hope to get some more done soon.

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1000 hits and racism

November 15, 2007 at 12:17 am (black, blogs, idiots, lines to cross, offensive, politically correct, racism, read my mind, Uncategorized, views, white)

so, i went over 1000 views today. thanks to those of you that read my mind daily. it took me a while to get to 1000, but we made it.

now, for the second half of my title. first off, let me say that i believe we are getting too politically correct these days. people get scrutinized for every word that they say. we need to lighten up. i like to joke with my friends about a lot of stuff. some of my closest friends are black, so we make little jokes to each that would probably be considered socially unacceptable. but tonight this dude went overboard. just like he usualy does. we were joking around and he made some kinda joke about a neuse in his trunk. obviously that brought the tables laughter to a hault. why are people idiots? i get tired of the whole p.c. thing but, it’s people like this guy that make it necessary.

i guess we all have our lines we won’t cross. some people probably think i say all kinds of offensive things

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November 14, 2007 at 12:33 am (alicia keys, bible, bible passage, crazy, dc talk, ears, fine arts, human video, ipod, johnny cash, killers, music, psalms, song)

tomorrow is gonna be a great day………..i just got the new alicia keys and the killers. i got an old dc talk song. and some old johnny cash stuff. i’m so excited for my ears tomorrow.

on a side note. i’ve started to rack my brains for fine arts stuff. i think we want to do a long bible passage in our human video this year. i’m thinking of psalm 18 maybe. if you know something else with a lot of imagery and crazy stuff, let me know.

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the most wonderfull time of the year

November 9, 2007 at 9:43 pm (christmas, cold, firplace, gifts, giving, holidays, life, movies, music, pumkin pie)

Just in case you don’t know. I love christmas time. and yes, it is christmas time already. of coarse i like the fact that Jesus was born. I also enjoy giving gifts. i like getting them too. But i just like the feeling in the air. i don’t prefer the cold, that’s not what i’m talking about. there’s just something about it. the mad rush at the mall and the stress of getting the perfect gift may get you at some point. but other than that, the mood is great. and don’t get me started on the music. the best music, hands down. you can’t go wrong when it comes to christmas music. here’s the perfect day——waking up to the smell of some sort of festive candle, finding the perfect gift for a few loved ones (especialy if it’s a surprise). watching a christmas movie. and finally, snuggling by a fireplace with cocoa and maybe some pumkin pie (and maybe jennifer, if she’s lucky).

i wish it was always christmas time all the time

I can’t believe i forgot to write about this. the most important reason of all. Families put aside their differencs and come together. i think my most vivid memory as a child at christmas is going to my grandparents house. the whole family would be there. i think i was 12 the last time that happened and i really miss it. i think we should try to do it again before it’s too late

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